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Gardener Folding Seat with Tools

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There are those who regard gardening as a spiritual endeavor, with healing properties for the soul. The Gardener Folding Seat with Tools does make it easier to garden, putting your gardening tools within easy reach on a comfortable and portable seat. One summer day, you might need all five of its essential garden tools, which include 1 steel 12.125″ broad face trowel, 1 12″ narrow face trowel, 1 11″ garden fork, 1 11″ cultivator/rake, and 1 12.5″ weeder – all made of durable steel. You might thank the universe for a gardening kit that comes with a gardening stool so close to Mother Earth. Then again, you might just reach beneath the stool into the polyester, detachable storage tote for your phone and a bag of chips instead. Call it a day – the Gardener Folding Seat with Tools makes it your choic