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Large Shona Sculpture by Locardia Ndandarika

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by Locardia Ndandarika
Sapoline stone

Shona sculpture is the name given to a modern movement of stone carved sculpture created in Zimbabwe. It gets its name from the ‘Shona’ tribe of people (actually a mixture of many similar tribes with closely related language and culture) who are the largest in Zimbabwe. The country itself gets its name thanks to the Shona people’s long artisanal tradition of stone working, meaning “house of stone”.


Born in 1945, Locardia Ndandarika devolved a fondness for working with her hands, modeling clay as a child. She never lost that desire even after marrying Joseph Ndandarika in 1964. Over the course of their fourteen year marriage, she worked with her husband as he gained an international reputation as one of the world’s best stone carvers. Working in his shadow, Locardia tried to ignore her passion but failed. After repeatedly asking her husband to recognize her talents and contributions, and being turned down, she divorced him in 1978 and pursued her own career. This required a leap of faith most would not have been able to take. Leaving her husband and caring for her children on her own and embarking on a new career as a woman stone carver in a field dominated by men required a resolve few possess.

Locardia is a skilled welder, having received awards for her work with metal. She is a mentor, tutoring many aspiring sculptors. Two of her children Ronnie Dongo and Virginia Ndandarika have become noted sculptors. Locardia was invited to New Zealand in 1990 as the sole woman among Zimbabwe’s greatest carvers and won international acclaim. Considered the grandmother of all stone carvers, Mama Ndandarika has created enduring works that stir ones soul!